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New Raku Pottery

All the pottery on this page is still available. 

Please e-mail me for any details or purchasing instructions.


Originally Raku was a name used by a Japanese family that has made tea ceremony ware since the seventeenth century. Raku now refers to both the process of Raku firing and to ware glazed in such a firing.  Soft and porous, Raku ware was lead-glazed, placed in a kiln, fired  to around 1700 degrees F, and quickly withdrawn when the glaze melted. 


Raku ware is often reduced after firing by burying it in straw, sawdust, paper, or other combustible material, then covering it with an airtight lid to create a reducing atmosphere that aids in producing luster or opalescent colors.  Due to the lower temperature and high concentrations of metallic oxides commonly used in glazes,

Raku is not food safe!



Note:  No new Raku pieces are ready yet but please check back often!