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SD Pottery

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Architectural Ceramics

Architectural Ceramics

Arts and Education

Alfred University - College of Ceramics
Alfred University
California College of Arts and Crafts
Murray Hill Pottery Works
NJ Academy of Ceramic Art
Sheridan College

Associations and Organizations

American Ceramic Society
American Professional Crafter's Guild (APCG)
Arrowsmith Potters` Guild
Association of Clay and Glass Artists of California (ACGAC)
CERAM Research Ltd
Ceramic Arts Association of Western Australia
Cincinnati Art Galleries
Colorado Potters Guild, Denver Colorado
Fusion - The Ontario Clay and Glass Association
Hill Country Arts Foundation (HCAF)
Italian Ceramics Society
Milky Way Ceramics - NCECA 2003
Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild
Potter's Guild of BC
Potters for Peace
Potters Guild of New Jersey
Texas Clay Arts Association
The American Art Pottery Association (AAPA)
The Potters Council of ACS

Ceramic Search Engines
Pottery Links (J. Speers)


Clayart Members Spring Gallery 2003
SUCAWS The Strictly Unofficial Clay Art Web Site


A.R.T. Studio Clay Company, Inc.
Aardvark Clay
Alpha Ceramics
American Ceramic Supply
American Minerals
Art Clay USA
Axner Inc.
Bailey Pottery
Bath Potter's Supplies
Bluebird Manufacturing
Campbell's Ceramic Supply
Canvas Tarps
Carbondale Clay Center
Carolina Clay
Central Florida Ceramic Supply
Centre DeVerre LLC
Ceramic Kiln Furniture
Ceramics Arts
Chesapeake Ceramic Supply Inc. - Raku Kilns Ceramic Supplies
Clayworks Australia
Creative Industries
Cress Manufacturing
Davens Ceramic Center
Doo-Woo Tools
eBay Listings Ceramics, Pottery Making
Evans Ceramics
Georgies Ceramic and Clay Company!
Great Lakes Clay Co.
Hammill & Gillespie
Highwater Clay Co.
Jepson Pottery
Kickwheel Pottery Supply, Inc
Kiln-Ray Servies On line
Kilns and Furnaces
Laguna Clay Co.
Lockerbie Manufacturing
Max Wheel
Miami Clay Co.
Mid-South Ceramic Supply
Mile Hi Ceramics
Nevada Dan's Pottery Equipment
New Mexico Clay
North Star Equipment
Old Hickory Clay Company
Orton Ceramic Foundation
Paragon Industries
Pebble Press
Peter Pugger Mfg.
Plainsman Clays
Pottery Supply House
Pure & Simple
Ram Products
Seattle Pottery Supply
Sheffield Pottery, Inc
U.S. Pigment Corp.

Glaze Information and Formulation

Carolina Clay - Recipes article index
Chemical Materials List for Ceramic Clay and Glazes
Digitalfire (extensive links list)
Dinoclay Pottery Info Glaze Collections Raku glazes from Dewitt Gimblet
Frog Pond Pottery - Tested Glazes
Glaze and Clay Body Recipes - PMI
glaze database
GLAZE RECIPES by James Q. Jacobs
Glaze Research with Ian Currie
Glaze station - Clay and Glaze Recipe Database
Glaze unity spreadsheet
Ian Currie Index
InterGlaze by Gary Wang
KGS pottery - Test Tube Glaze Tests
Lawrence Ewing's Glaze Course
Pottery the Art - Glaze Recipes
Weathered Bronze Green

Health and Safety

ACTS - Art Hazard & Safety Publications
Arts, Crafts and Theater Safety
Ceramics world
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
MSDS - Guide to Reading MSDS
MSDS Links
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
The Ceramics Web
Toxicology Articles - Digitalfire Corp.

Historical and Period Styles in Pottery

5th Century Anglian Domestic Pottery
A History of Pottery
Anglo Saxxon and Viking Crafts Pottery Kilns
Antique Pottery and Ceramic Directory
Byzantine Tableware
Ceramic History for Potters
Cyprus- Medieval Pottery Technology
Domestic Pottery of Anglian York (Eoforwic)
Early Medieval Pottery from Monte Castellare
Encaustic Tile
French Renaissance Ceramics
Italian Renaissance Ceramics
Medieval Vessels
Museum of Medieval & Encaustic Tile
Porcelains in the Topkapi Museum
Pottery in Ancient Korea
Prehistoric Pottery of Tell Sabi Abyad
Roman Ceramics
Thailand - Sukhothai Style
The Ancient Greek World
The Art of Turkish Tiles and Ceramics
The Medieval Ceramic Industry of the Severn Valley
The Medieval Pottery Research Group
The Study Group for Roman Pottery
Tokoname History
Tracing Celtic Civilisation with Neutrons
Williams College Excavations at Psalmodi, France
Wood-fired stoneware from Shigaraki

Individual Potters Websites


Aldridge Porcelain and Stoneware
Alexis Evans - Lexxy's front page
Allamakee Wood-Fired Pottery
Andy Clift's Clay Station
Angad Vohra - Mantra Pottery
Ann Testa - Clay Art Gallery
Ann Young Porcelain Sculptures, hand-sculpted animals
Arizona Mural
Atelier Heloisa Reis & Stella Marini
Avril Farley


Bacia Edelman
Barb Lund - Potter
Barbara Brown - studio ceramic artist from Sunnivale, California
Barbara Murphy - Waterloo County Pottery
Bauer Pottery
Bay River Pottery, Candace Young
Ben Owen Pottery
Benjamin Burns-Great White Oak Gallery
Bennett Bean
BernWell Pottery, Pisgah Forest, NC
Beth Cavener Stichter - Home
Bill Campbell - Home Page
Bill Karaffa
Bill Weaver - pale moon home page
Bloomfield Pottery
Blue Dome Gallery Presents Larry Davidson
Blue Moon Gallery
Blue Moon Pottery, Cable, Wisconsin - Handcrafted Work
Blue Mountain Pottery
Blue Mountains Pottery
Bob Hamm Art
Bodine Pottery and Art Studio
Brad Sondahl's creative endeavors
Brad Warstler
Brenda Beeley - ClaySpace
Brenda Zysman Pottery
Brickyard Pottery
Brown's Pottery
Bruce Girrell, USA
Brushy Creek Pottery & Botanicals
Burt Cohen - Northfire Pottery and Ceramics


Cacapon River Pottery
Cady Clay Works
Candace Young - Bay River Pottery
Candise Flippin - Sculpture
Carla Flati - Clayart Show Window
Carla Flati
Carol and Richard Selfridge
Carol-Ann Michaelson
Carolina Creations Art Gallery
Carolina Pottery Festival...Shelby, NC
Catherine White
Cathi Newlin -studiodog
Cedar Creek Pottery
CERAMCO Nisse Holmström
Ceramics by Shirley Clennel
Charles Hughes Pottery
Charles Riggs Pottery
Charlie Cummings Clay Studio - Claylink home
Cher Gauvin - Using Ron and Jon Glazes
Cheryl Tall - Contemporary Clay and Mixed Media Sculpture
Cheryl Tall - Elements of Art Gallery
Chris Barnes Pottery
Chris Cantello - Cantello Studios
Chris Clarke Pottery of Temecula
Chris Schafale - Light One Candle Pottery
Chris Simoncelli, Ceramic Artist
Christina Zola - Studio Eto Lobby
Christine Cox's work
Chris Greenman
Chuck Wagoner - Wagoner Pottery
Cindy Strnad - Earthen Vessels Pottery
Circle Pottery and Gifts and Circle Pottery School of Clay Arts
Circle-in-a-Square Pottery
Clay Work  by  Chris Henley
Clayart Websites
Clayman's Pottery
Clayville Pottery
ClayWaves Pottery
Clyde Tullis and Mudlark Pottery
Cobus Potgieter - Namibia Ceramics
Connie Waring - Karattopp Design
Connie's Clay of Fundy
Cowan Pottery
Craig Martell - Fire's Eye Gallery
Crow Valley Pottery
Cyndi Salter - Desert Dragon Pottery Home


D. Kim Lindaberry, Longview Community College
D. Michael Coffee, Functional and sculptural Ceramics
Dai and Dan Scott - Pottery by Dai
Dale Duncan
Dallas Pottery & Architectural Ceramics, Home
Dan Dermer
Dan Hill
Dan Johnston - The Potter's House
Dan Taylor Pottery
Dannon Rhudy, Alumnus
Dave & Boni Deal - Raku Pottery
Dave and Bonnie's Raku Page
Dave Glenn Ceramics
David and Mary Cuzick Stoneware
David Beumee
David Crane
David Hendley - Old Farmhouse Pottery
David Hewitt - Header and Contents
David McBeth
David Webster's Pottery
Davin Butterfield
Davy Pottery - wholesale and retail ceramics
Desert Rtist
Dirty Bird Pottery
Don and Isao Sanami-Morrill - Peapod
Don Goodrich pottery
Don Jones clay skies
Don Rush - artimator welcomes u 2......
Don Rush Artimator Tucker
Donald Burroughs
Donna Polseno
Douglas E. Gray Info
Duck Creek Pottery


Ed Gray Studio - Pit Fired Pottery, Smoke Fired Pottery and Copper Work
Ed Kraft - Earth Arrangements Homepage
Edouard Bastarache - Artist Portfolio at
Elca Branman Artist Home Page
Eleanora Eden - Home Page
Elfring Pottery
Elizabeth A Ringus - Paw Print Pottery
Elizabeth Priddy's Clay Workshop
Elk River Pottery,Hand Made,Custom Ceramics
Ellen Shankin
Emily Pearlman Pottery
Eric Strader Pottery – Located in Goshen, Indiana, potter, Eric Strader, hand-turns on a potter’s wheel functional pottery as w
Eric Wong's Functional Pottery
Eva Zeisel
Extraordinary Pottery Creations


Fabienne Cassman - Milky Way Ceramics Home Page
Fara Shimbo - Shimbo Pottery ... Crystalline Glazed Ceramics
Farpoint Pottery
Fat Beagle Pottery
Fat Cat Pottery
FireArt Clayworks
Flint Brook Pottery, stoneware clocks, wheelthrown pots
Fox Hollow Pottery
Fr. Anthony's Pottery
Fran Stearns, USA
Frances Cavendish Dorman
Franciscan and
Fred Cook - Wood and Salt Fired Pots
Frog Pond Pottery
FUNkware - The fun of creation
Future Page of Taylor’s Pottery Creations


Gail Dapogny - Winner Silverhawk Exhibition in functional ceramics
Gail Nichols - Soda Glaze Ceramics
Gail Russell - Peachblow Pottery
Gary Ferguson - Raku Clay Artist
Gary Holt Pottery
Geoff Walker - Cronulla Pottery Home Page
George Koller
Goff Pottery, High fired stoneware, porcelain, ovenware, functional pottery.
Graeme Anderson
Greenman Ceramics home
Greg Benson
Greg Lamont - Handmade Stoneware Pottery
Greg Lindsley - About Earth and Fire Pottery
Guangzhen Po Zhou (Poslin G. Zhou)- About the Artist
Guy Wolff Garden Pottery & P. Wakefield Co. Ltd.
Handmade pottery In The Japanese Style


H.A.T. underground
Hand in Hand Gallery
Hank Murrow - Current Pots
Hank Murrow's world of pots and ceramics
Harvey Sadow
Hedi Schoop
Hess Pottery Main Page
Hinkle Creek Pottery
Holt Howard
Homer Laughlin Pottery
Homethrown Web Site
The Hairy Potters - Welcome to our home page.


Irene Poulton Ceramic Sculpture
Iris Wilburton - Wilburton Pottery
Isak Isaksson, keramiker & Marie Victoria, textildesigner


Jack Merlino - Ceramic Fountains
James Buddenhagen -- My Ceramics -- page 1
James Cullen, USA
James H Shepard, and Suzanne Sloan Lewis
Jan Cannon Pottery
Jane Woodside - Woodside Pottery
Janimals, Ornaments & Pottery by Jan Eckardt Butler
Jay Jensen
Jean-Louis Frenk Ceramics
Jeff Brown Pottery and Stoneware Gallery
Jeff Longtin - The Teapots and Cups
Jeff Zamek - Ceramics Consulting Services
Jennifer Firestone
Jensen and Marineau Home
Jepson Pottery
Jessica Zimmerman - Jessica's Hands Ceramics
Jim Bob Salazar - Art Faculty Gallery
Jim Bob Salazar
Jim Bozeman Ceramics - Folk pottery
Jim Speers Pottery
Jim Sydnor - Traditional Clayworks
Joan Carcia's Ceramic Art Gallery
Joanna Goddard Ceramics
Joanne L. Van Bezooyen - ArtGeckoTile
Jocelyn McAuley - Ceramicism -- Home
Jodie Brooke Atherton - whitewater ceramics
Johanna De Maine
John and Dorothy Weber - JODO POTTERY
John Baymore at River Bend Pottery
John Bennett Pottery, stoneware pots, ceramic sea sculptures
John Christie - Black Hills Pottery
John Cieply - Cieply Kilnworks, Pottery and Sculptures
John Hesselberth - Frog Pond Pottery
John Jensen
John Norris - Free Fine Art Ceramic Sculpture
John Rogers Website
John Tilton - Contemporary Porcelain Art Pottery
John Tygart - Burnt Mud Pottery
John Zentner Pottery
Johnson Brothers
Jon Lovejoy Works In Clay
Jones Pottery
Joyce A Kristoffy, Mission, Texas, USA
Joyce Michaude
Judy McNeill Pottery
Judy Motzkin Studio


k a r l k n u d s o n p o t t e r y
Karen Sullivan - Bamboo Grove Pottery
Karlyn Holman
katheleen Nez
Katheryn Corbin Clay Sculpture and Pottery
Kathryn Maves - Laughing Brook Pottery
Kathryn Maves - Laughing Brook Pottery.url
Kathryn W House
Katie Cordrey
Kenneth D. Westfall - Pine Hill Pottery
Kevin Hluch - Mud Slinger
Kim Ellington Pottery
Kim Frazier Functional Pottery
Kim Marie Fine Pottery
King's Pottery
Kirkendall Pottery
Kristin Schnelten - First Glaze Firing
Dawn Soltysiak -
Kurt Wild Pottery
Kurt Wild


L. P. Skeen - Living Tree Studios
Laird Plumleigh - Alchemie Ceramic Tile Studio
Lance Lighthall and Barbaree Jernigan Lighthall - Potluck Productions
Lasse Östman, potter. Stoneware and Porcelain
Laughing Bear Pottery
Lee Daniels - Home Page
Lee Jaffe - Pottery
Lee Love
Lela Martens, Alberta, Canada
Les Crimp - Arrowsmith Potter's Guild - Gallery Listings
Leslie Lee
Lisa Clapp and Emberwind Pottery
Lisa Howe Stoneware!!
Lisa Orr Pottery
Littlejohn Arts
Llewellyn Kouba - Assumption Abbey - Pottery
Llewellyn Kouba
Lois Aronow - Fine Craft Porcelain
Lois Sharpe - Artist Portfolio at
Lookout Mountain Pottery
Louis Katz
Lucien Koonce-Horsepen Kiln
Lucien Koonce
Luis Fontanills


Maggie Towne - Claybabe
MAGGIE'S SCULPTURES and One of a Kind Art Pottery
Maid O'Mud Pottery Home Page
Maid O'Mud Pottery Picture Page
Mama Bonita Cohn's Ceramics
Marcia Selsor Gallery
Maria Spies
Marianne Stebenne - Marianne's Pottery
marie e.v.b. gibbons sculpture in clay & mixed media
Marilyn Stiles - Ceramic Animals and Fountains
Mark & Sylvia Mondloch - Silver Creek Pottery
Mark Petrin - The Mudpit 228 Manhattan Ave
Marlene F Morris - ThrowPots
Marni Turkel - Stony Point Ceramic Design
Marsh Pottery Studio
Marta Matray Gloviczki - Silverhawk award winning ceramic artist
Marta Matray Gloviczki
martie geiger ho
Marty Morgan at Cape Ann Artisans
Mary Ella Yamashita - calloocallay
Mary Lee
Mary Lou Zeek Gallery
Mary-Helen Horne - Art You Can Use Pottery
MaryLou Higgins ceramic masks
Matthew Benacquista & Marcia Selsor
McCoy Pottery
Mel Jacobson and Dannon Rhudy Intensive Throwing Workshop
Mel Jacobson
Melanie Waters - Double Diamond Pottery
Merrie Boerner - Woodfired Pottery album
Metlox Pottery
Michael Francoeur - Carolina Creations
Michael Sowers - Classic Lines Pottery
Michael Wendt - Wendt Pottery
Michael Wisner Southwest Pottery
Michelle Lowe -DesertPotter Extrordinaire
Michelle Sholtis - Milky Way Ceramics Home Page
Mike Rafferty
Mill Creek Pottery sculptural and functional pottery
Minerva Chango - gallery
Mitsuru Cope Ceramics
Mud Dabber's Pottery and Crafts
MudFire pottery studio
Mudmaven Pottery
Mudslingers Pottery, Lauren Bellero
Mystic Spiral Studio


Nan Smith-Sculptor
Nancee Meeker
Nancy Weckwerth's Raku Adventures
Natalie Winter - DAWNMIST
Natural Potters Studio
Neil Tetkowski Project Artist
Nick and Joan Zappa - Zappa Pottery Handcrafted Stoneware
Nikki Smith - Raku and Smoke Fired Pottery
Nils Lou Home Page
Norman Van der Sluys - Jackpottery!
North Carolina Pottery Center Home Page


Oakwood Ceramics Gallery Web-Site
Okra Pottery Studio
Otto Heino


Pam Shelor
Pat Colyar Pottery
Pat Colyar
Pat Southwood - The Halesworth Gallery
Pat Southwood on the Axis database
Pat Wehrman - Dodge Lane Potters Group
Patrica Porter - Windy Pines Ceramics
Patty's Pottery A Muddy Place
Paul & Carole Huel - Huel's Pottery
Paul Lewing Custom Tile
Paul Taylor
Paul Watkins - Red Shed Studios
Peter King Architectural Ceramics
Peter Marks Home Page
Peter Powning (bronze, cast glass and raku fired clay)
Peter T. Wang ceramics
Peter Voulkos
Phil Rogers
Philip Poburka
Pierre Brayford
Pine Hill Pottery
PINE MILLS POTTERY - Gary Hatcher and Daphne Roehr Hatcher
Pinon Pottery Home
Pottery and Clayart by Terri Kennedy
Pottery by Sybil
Pottery Links and Resources, The MudFire Center, Atlanta, GA
Pottery n Such
Priscilla Hollingsworth home page
The Potter's Mark, Ltd.
The Pottery Fair at Westmoore
The Pottery of Oaxaca in the South of Mexico
The Pottery Shoppe in Seagrove



Raku 2000
Rapture In Time and Space
Ray and Susan Allens - Popcorn Studio Pottery
Rebecca Roberts, Clay and Horses
Red Drum Pottery - []
Red Wing Pottery
Richard Burkett
Richard Hensley
Richard Peeler
Rick Mace Pottery
Ricky Maldonado, award winning Ceramic Artist!
Rikki Gill
Rob Mitchell
Robert Chance
Robert Fishman Pottery
Robert Pulley - Artist Portfolio at
Robert Santerre - Silverhawk award winning ceramic artist
Rock Creek Pottery
Roger Graham
Ron Aubuchon - Stonehenge Pottery Company & Art Gallery
Ron Philbeck - Central Clay
Ron Philbeck
Ron Roy at Loyalist College
Ron Roy
Rosos Kostas
Roy Yoder - Oakleaf Pottery decorative, functional
Russel Fouts - Mes Potes et Mes Pots
Russel Wright
Rusty Sieck-Chicken Bridge Pottery


S. Clay S. Pottery-Steven Clay Smith
Salado Pottery The Texas Hill Country Guide
Salado Pottery
Samantha Tomich's pottery
Sara Pottery
Sarah and Kathryn House - Pottery and Tiles
Sarah House
Scott Chatenever - CHATENEVER.COM
Scott Frankenberger - Scott the Potter's Home Page
Scott Nicholson - Fun in the Mud - Pottery
Seagrove Coop
Shaffer Pottery
Shane Mickey
Sheri Leigh Assoc. Professor Ceramics Sierra Nevada
Sheryl A. VanVleck
Silvie Granatelli
St. Earth Pottery Homepage
Stangl and Fulper Pottery
Stephani Culling - Exhibition Page - Pilbara Fine Art Gallery
Stephani Stephenson Ceramic Sculptor gallery 1
Stephen Sell - Studio Pottery
Stephen Spilacho - Stephen's Pottery
Steve Howkins - Howkins Ceramic Design
Steve Irvine --potter--
Steven D Lee - SD Pottery
Steven Goldate
Steven Grimmer
Steven Mills - Mudslinger UK
Steven Parry Thomas - Morrigan Craft Pottery
Stonehenge Pottery Company & Art Gallery
Sucows - Design Page
Susan Wagener - Puffin Pottery
Suzanne Kraman


Tallapoosa River Pottery
Taty Lauwers
TB POTS Pottery of Walpole, Maine - Gallery
Teresa Speakman - Zuma Originals Pottery
Terri Kennedy - Pottery and Clayart
Terry Hagiwara
The Potters Wheel
Theresa Pasqual-Pruitt - Acoma Clay - Acoma Pueblo Pottery
Thistle Hill Pottery Functional Vermont Stoneware
Tim Graham Pottery
Tim Worthington - Tim Worthington
Tom Coleman; Elaine Coleman; Porcelain; Stoneware
Tom Gray Pottery
Tom Grey Pottery
Tom Wirt - Clay Coyote Pottery
Toni Mertens, South Africa
Tony Clennell - Sour Cherry Pottery 1-905-563-9382
tony ferguson
Tony Olsen
Turner Pottery
Twenty Dirty Hands - Galena Area Pottery Studios

The Wizard of Clay Pottery
Van Briggle Art Pottery
Veena Raghavan, Virginia, USA
Vernon Pottery
Victor Levin - Ontario Crafts Council - Portfolio of Makers
Victor Levin
Vince Pitelka - Appalacian Center for Craft
Vince Pitelka at New Surfaces - Colored Clay
Vince Pitelka's Ancient Clay
Vince Pitelka's Summer Workshops
Virginia Scotchie - 12 Vessels
Virginia Scotchie - Blue Spiral Gallery
Virginia Scotchie - Funnels and Floats # 2
Virginia Scotchie - Steinway Gallery
Wally Asselberghs - Naked Raku

Wellbeloved Gallery

Wes Rolley
Whiterock Art Studio Index Page
Will Levi Marshall - Studio Pottery UK
Will Levi Marshall
William R. Schran
Willow Tree Pottery
Wiltjer Pottery
Yellow Branch Pottery & Cheese
Zappa Pottery Handcrafted Stoneware, Dinnerware, and Art Pottery


Information and Discussion

Ceramic Information Center
Ceramics Monthly - Must Reads
Ceramics Resources and Tutorials
CeramicsWeb 3.0
CLAYART - Archive Search
CLAYART - Discussions by Subject
DigitalFire - Ceramic Education
How to make agateware - David Hewitt
Pinchpot Technique - Kristin Doner
Shiho Kanzaki Moving Always In A Living Way
Sondahl`s Pottery Tips
the Tea Ceremony
Throwing Techniques
YAHOO Groups - Raku High Fire Pottery

Japanese Pottery

Contemporary & antique Japanese pottery
Gallery of Japanese Living National Treasures
Wood-fired Stoneware from Shigaraki

Kilns and Firing

Construction, Plans

Anagama Frontend Catenary kiln building
Dog Bar Pottery's Kiln Gallery
Fire Magic Symposium 2001 - Constructing the arches
Fred Olsen's concept for the Fire Magic kiln
John Barrymore Professional Kiln Services
JR Pottery Anagama Construction
Modification of an electric kiln
Rapid Fire Kiln Design project
Rick's Foundry Project
River Bend Pottery The Kiln Gallery
rocketman ANAGAMA
Shropes Ceramics - Kiln Plans and Pictures
soda kiln constructed and fired by the Upwey Potters in June 2001
The Building of the Manitoba Train Kiln
The Mud Creek Pottery Kiln Site with Construction Photos
The Process of Designing and Building a Kiln - Down-draft Woodfired Salt Glaze Kiln
Upwey Potter's Raku Kiln in action.

Elements, Burners and Combustion

Automation Artisans Inc. - New Foundry Burner Assembly
BPQ KILN PAGE - All about Pottery Kilns and Controllers
burner information
BUZZER Burners - Online Catalog
Choices in Heating a Furnace or Glory Hole
Coffee Can Crucible Furnace
F-Olympic Kiln Repair Parts Seattle Pottery Supply E-Catalog
Firing the ICS Noborigama at Fire Magic 2001
Home Page -- NAO (ISO-9001 Certified) Combustion, Control, Energy, Envrionmental, Pollution, Safety & Testing Solutions -- Nati
Larry Zoeller - Modified Sidearm Burner
Making a Propane-Fired Coffee-Can Foundry
Mike Firth - Foundry Burner Building
Oliver-upwind propane burner
Ron Reil's - Forge and Burner Designs


Drill Size Reference Chart
HP Propane Orifice Chart
ICS Gas Orifice Capacity Chart
Online Combustion Tutorial
Orton Ceramic Foundation - Cones & Firing and Kiln Safety
Orton Ceramic Foundation - Firing Tips
Orton Ceramic Foundation - The Firing Line
R & W Supply Propane Equipment
TPGA - Texas Propane Gas Association
Welcome to Twin Supply Inc., Restaurant and Bar Supplies plus Cleaning Supplies and Professional Cutlery - Coffee Makers and Ur


Able Insulating Castable Products
Allied Mineral Products, Inc.
Armil - Refractory & Insulation Products
Atlantic and Firebrick Supply Company
Bailey Ceramic Supply - Kilns & Acc. - Kiln Materials
BNZ Materials - Insulating Firebrick
Branton Industries, Inc. - Industrial Products
Ceramics & Ceramic Manufacturers - Thomas Register EZ Directory
ClayArtCenter - Refractory Supplies
Euclids - Kiln Building and Repair
Fiberfrax Technical Data Page
Jay's Refractory Products - UK
Larkin Furnace Construction Company
Lowe Industrial, Ceramic Fibers & Refractories
New Castle Refractories
RATH Performance Fibers Inc.
RX Chemical Company - Refractory Coating
Smith-Sharpe Fire Brick Supply - Foundry supplies and Refractory installation
Superior Brick And Refractory Service
Thermal Ceramics - A World Force In Heat Management
Thermalite Ceramic Fiber
ThermoDyne microporous insulation for extreme temperature applications
Ultimate Revolutionary Coatings
Wessex, Incorporated - Emisshield® Products
Zircoa - Refractory Brick for Insulation and Glass Contact


BPQ KILN PAGE - All about Pottery Kilns and Controllers
ClayArtCenter - Venturi Burners
FireRight-Warner Instruments - Controls for Kiln, Furnaces and Test Chambers
Flame Engineering - Red Dragon Propane Torch
Kiln Elements
R & W Supply Propane Equipment
RF MacDonald Company - Todd Combustion Burners
TPGA - Texas Propane Gas Association
Ward Burner Systems
Wayne Combustion Systems Burners
Welcome to Twin Supply Inc., Restaurant and Bar Supplies plus Cleaning Supplies and Professional Cutlery - Coffee Makers and Ur
Western Natural Gas Products Ltd. - Regulators

burner information

Marketing and Business

Ceramic Masterworks 1962-2002
The Artist Resource
The Ceramic Arts Business
The Crafts Report

Mexican Pottery

Mata Ortiz Pottery

Mata Ortiz Pottery

Desert Rtist
Greg Benson
Manning Site
Mata Ortiz Pottery -index
Michael Wisner Pottery
Southwest Series

Mosaics and Tiles

Namibia Ceramics - Mosaics and Tiles

Museums, Galleries and Exhibitions

2003 Clayart Stay-at-Home Mug Exchange Gallery
65 Hope Street Ceramic Art Gallery
Anderson Ranch Arts Center
Appalachian Center for Crafts
Archie Bray Foundation
Armory Art Center
Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts
Art Gallery of New South Wales
Art Gallery of Ontario
ArtMall of America
ArtMaxim Gallery
Ceramic Art, Céramique contemporaine,Porcelain
Ceramic Masterworks 1962-2002
Ceramica Online
Ceramics Artists Association of Israel
Ceramic`s Museum of Nove and Bassano Italy
City Arts Center
Clay Art Center (NY)
Clay Art Center Inc. (WA)
Clay Products Interpretive Center
Clayarters at NCECA 2003 San Diego
Cone 10 Studio in Austin Texas
Cultural Visions
Douglas Dawson Gallery - The Art of the African Clay
Ferrin Gallery - Contemporary Teapots and Ceramic Art
Fine Mexican Ceramics Art Gallery
Freehand Gallery
Fukui Prefectural Ceramic Art Museum
Gladstone Museum
International Museum of Ceramic Art
J. Paul Getty Museum
Japanese Pottery Information Center
John Natsoulas Gallery
Krueger Pottery
Kunstlerische Keramik
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
m.t.burton gallery
Mendocino Arts Center
Mingei International Museum - LAURA ANDRESON A Retrospective in Clay.
Minnesota Clay - USA Galleries
Murray Hill Pottery Works
National Ceramics Museum - France
National Gallery of Art
National Teapot Show IV
New York Ceramics Fair
Pottery Vessels Museum of Argentona (Spain) `Museu del Cantir`
Rosedale Street Gallery
Smithsonian- Ceramics and Glass Links
Texa Clay Festival Home Page
The Chapel of Art - Home of The International Potters` Path in Wales, UK
The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery
The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park

Native American Pottery

Hollister Collection of Southwestern Native American Pottery
How Pueblo Pottery is Made
Native American Pottery in New England
Northern Mexican Pottery-making Techniques
Pottery and Pigments in Arizona
Pottery and the Whittlesey People of Ohio
Traditional Acoma Pottery

Periodicals and Publications

American Ceramic Society's guide for potters
Ceramic Society - Studio Pottery
Ceramics Ireland
Mosaic Matters - Online Magazine
The Artist Resource
The Log Book


Ceramics and Minerals
Thermal Ceramics
World-Wide Web Virtual Library- Technical Ceramics


Blosson New Work
Creative Clay Gallery
Gustin Ceramics Tile Production
Shubunkin Pottery Handmade Tiles
Tiles on the Web

Tool Making - Digital Photography How-To Building a Light Tent
Mystic Spiral Studios Rolling, Rolling, Rolling...

Uses and Applications of Ceramics

Ceramic Fact Sheets
Ceramics world
Ceramics- Beyond the Coffee Mug
Discovering a Hidden Industry (World & I Magazine, Dec. 1998)
Exploring Ceramic Engineering (San Jose State Univ.)
Introduction to Ceramics
Materials by Design (Cornell University)
MST Online - Ceramics