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Thrall, TX 76578  

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Most of my pottery is formed on the wheel using Stoneware.  I find that the durability and rock texture of stoneware connects me to the older works of pottery throughout the ages.  There is something ancient and yet permanent about building in stoneware, as I know that some pieces will still be here long after I am gone.


I am inspired by the Mingei philosophy that everything that has meaning beyond that which it encompasses, that which has form and function and the relationship between the user and the vessel intrigues me.  I look at every pottery display I can, subscribe to just about every pottery magazine, and love seeing other potter's work, especially their process of creation.  This is what inspires and re-energizes me.


On the other hand I also have been raised in America with all of it's traditions and Protestant Work Ethic.  So while Mingei philosophy rules my heart my head is ruled still by symmetry, FUNCTION, aesthetics, beauty in the details, and anything but minimalism.  


These two warring philosophies create the dichotomy and energetic tug-of-war from which my pottery emerges.


You might see a lot of Oriental influence in my smaller pieces, but some are more reminiscent of English tableware or contemporary American pottery and everything in between.